About Us

DIMAZ DELIMA INDUSTRIES SDN BHD (DIMAZ) was incorporated in 1998 and it is known for its dedicated effort in promoting the herbal culture to the nation with the tag line of "Herba Teras Kesihatan". Using relevant expertise and technologies available in the herbal medicines research, DIMAZ is capable in producing high quality herbal products which comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements.

DIMAZ products have been registered under the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), and approved by the Drug Control Authority (DCA), Ministry Of Health. The acceptance of DIMAZ products is a proof that the traditional herbal products are high quality and safe to be used. Hence, DIMAZ is noted as a manufacturer of good quality traditional herbs based on health products.

We believe that with the expertise in the latest technology, the safety, quality and efficacy of herbal products will be greatly enhanced by leaps and bounds. Our products will be of higher standards to that of imported herbal products. This will act as a powerful catalyst to influence more people using herbal products locally and globally. The Government of Malaysia has also set the target for Malaysia to be the world’s largest herb producer by the year 2020. Under the National Agriculture Policy (NAP-3), herbal products have been given this prominence.

Through our business partners with related business organizations and scientific communities, DIMAZ is embarking in promoting their products through existing marketing networking. These products include herbal preparations, health drink, cosmetic, personal care and food supplements



1. To improve R&D to produce high quality and safety herb’s
2. To initiate major marketing tools for DIMAZ in supply for contract manufacturing (OEM).
3. To enhance herbal preparations for cosmetic,health drink and personal care
4. To create cultivate habits of the nation to use herb’s as source of health parallel With the company “ Herba Teras Kesihatan
5. Herbs improve the quality of life in terms of economic, social and health
6. Making healthcare business in Alternative Medicine as the first choice
7. Increasing the R&D to become a main commodity of the country
8. Creating business and employment opportunities for entrepreneurs opening franchise DIHOT TEA DIMAZ